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5 Biggest Mistakes for Spine Practice Online Marketing

When we read orthopaedic publications, we often recognize many surgeon names as subject matter experts. In the field of search engines and optimization of websites, the biggest name that you’ve likely never heard is Matt… (Read the Rest)

5 Tips On Spine Surgeon Reputation Management

Your reputation sucks, according to the internet. Or maybe it’s great. But unless you manage your reputation and your online presence, it can go either way. Reputation management has jumped to the top of our… (Read the Rest)

5 Steps To Jumpstart Your Practice Marketing with Video

First websites, then social media, and now you have to make an online video? Although it seems like the list of things on your marketing plate keep growing, video is one that can provide instant… (Read the Rest)

10 Ways to Destroy Spine Practice Marketing

The world is changing rapidly, and your practice marketing has to keep up. If you don’t continue to assess the value of your marketing investment, don’t be surprised if you see fewer patients. Here are… (Read the Rest)

7 Ways to Market Artificial Discs in Spine Practices

While minimally invasive spine surgery gets a lot of buzz, more and more people are searching for information about artificial discs, disc replacement and alternatives to fusion. “People are asking for artificial discs because more… (Read the Rest)

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